Hillary Clinton Turns Down EPN’s Invitation, But Not the Opportunity to Knock Donald Trump

Lead Photo: Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Staff/Getty Images
Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Staff/Getty Images
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Just last week, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto penned an op-ed explaining why he met with Donald Trump. Throughout his entire presidential bid, Republican candidate Trump has reduced Mexicans to harmful and erroneous stereotypes. Naturally, many wondered why EPN would meet with the man who has, for the better part of a year, insulted them. In his op-ed, EPN explained he extended an invitation to both Hillary Clinton and Trump. While Trump immediately accepted the invitation, Clinton turned EPN down publicly on Monday.

ABC’s David Muir asked Clinton if she planned to meet with EPN before the presidential election, according to EFE. “No,” she said, adding that she’s focused on United States citizens. She also seamlessly used the interview as a way to undermine Trump’s credibility and abilities. “He came out saying one thing, and the Mexican president contradicted him almost immediately,” she said in the interview, pointing to his failure to seemingly stand his ground with EPN. “He didn’t raise it, so he did choke. He didn’t know how to even communicate effectively with a head of state. And I think that’s a pretty clear outcome from that trip.”

Trump responded with a pretty weak, but very him comeback. “Let me just tell you about choking – I don’t choke,” he said. “She chokes.”