Hipster doctor for the uninsu(red)

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Gothamist posted a write-up on Jay Parkinson yesterday, and we just had to go ahead and re-post ’cause this is such a novel, brilliant, and necessary concept, especially for the young, relatively poor–yet not so poor they qualify for low income health insurance–set (i.e., many of us and you…).

This young, hip doctor offers home visits and caters to the uninsured.  It’s not free ($500/yr; "less than your yearly coffee budget but a little more than your Netflix"), but it’s a helluva lot cheaper than what you’d be paying for the equivalent , and he’s just a phone call away, and available 24 hours should an emergency arise.  In addition to coming to your house, Doctah Jay will chat with you online (either just textual or video chat) about what ails you, and in the event of a more serious problem, can also recommend the best, cheapest professionals out there for those without a United Health (or Aetna or Blue Cross Blue Shield, guatever…) card–this is perhaps one of the best services he provides.  He claims to have done loads of research as to what options are out there, for what prices, etc., which would save you a lot of time (and money).

His güebsite is simple and slick (and reminded us instantly–in concept and in color scheme–of the UNINSU(RED) t-shirts we read about earlier this week), clearly catering to the young, creative set that inhabit his neighborhood of Williamsburg.  I must admit I was won over by his casual colloquial banter and laidback look.

BUT, a few things to think about… sure, he seems nice and cool, but a) is cool really what you want in a doctor? and b) where’s the PROOF?  I would definitely want a recommendation from someone else, cause doesn’t the idea of a strange man coming to your house to poke and prod you in places you don’t usually expose to the rest of the world sound super-duper sketchy???  And an added fact: he’s also a photographer, and takes quite a few seductive (though genuinely good) shots of nude or semi-nude women.  Is he checking your breast for lumps or evaluating how it would look if shot from x angle?  More on the photography: on his flickr page he includes a link to his medical site with a comment saying, "I have to pay the rent".  Eeeeenteresting.

Anyway, you decide for yourself.  Either way, this is a new concept, one that’s either really ingenious or(/and) super sketchy.


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