Hipster Salsa Collective

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The days when I felt like an odd ball for listening to salsa in Williamsburg are over, it seems hipsters stop at nothing to set trends and salsa is their latest victim.  West Brooklyn’s  latest music child is the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra.  The young orchestra hit the hipster world hard last week by posting their latest cover of  the all-too-cool  Animal Collective‘sMy Girls“,  on YouTube, and its already got the hipsters around Brooklyn thinking “could there be more to salsa than weird horny immigrants and slutty dancing?’ Other bands they’ve covered are CSS, Camera Obscura and TV on the Radio.

Despite my witty remarks, I am glad  someone has finally built a bridge between the young up-and coming music community and NY’s musical trajectory. After all, despite its popularity and pride through Latin America,  salsa was born in New York City! It was about time Americans can attempt to dance salsa while singing along.

WSO is reaching out to some of our Latin regulars such band members from Navegante and Spanglish fly, having them as guests to play with them.

Well, What do you think? Any cover suggestions? who knows you might get your request…

p.s. Im kinda into their weird Williamsburg slide show music videos.