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Name: Hirotaka Matsunaga

Roots: Japan

Where do you live? Brooklyn

Describe your music in three words: Energetic , Love, Story.

How did you become hooked on latin music and rhythms? Dancing, Eddie Palmieri

Last record you bought: Earl Coleman and The Latin love

Where do you buy new music: A1 or Sound Library

Favorite song/track of the moment: What you gonna do / Earl Coleman

Most overplayed song: Hot Pants Road/Ocho

Describe your best recent gig: at APT

Japan vs NY: Japan

If you didn’t live in NY, where would you live? London

You would never guess it but I… travel with just sleeping bag with milk and bread and not stay a hotel in a month

See Hiro play at Pravda (Lafayette Street between Houston St & Spring St) every Friday and Saturday and at Starlight (167 Ave A between 10th and 11th Sts) every Monday.