Holiday Giveaway: Saboreate Esto

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Tis the season for some regalitos from Remezcla!

This week, we have two free tickets for Saboreate Esto at Williamsburg’s Public Assembly with Numasbala, JBabun and Karikatura who will be bringing Brazilian funk, Colombian Cumbia, reggae and all sorts of jams for you to get funky to this Holiday season.

NUMASBALA is an 8-piece world-beat band known for its fusion of reggae, funk, afro-beat, champeta, gypsy and ska, called “sacudón.” The band has integrated the afro-influences and sounds of their native Colombia and Guatemala along with their trademark witty, humorous and sarcastic lyrics. Numasbala’s upbeat sound and uplifting live energy is meant without a doubt to free bodies and spirits on the dance floor.

JBABUN calls himself the forgotten love child of James Brown, the Fania All Stars & Jorge Ben. He is a Puerto Rican living in New York with a thing for Brazilian culture. Accompanied by his band, JBabun brings the Samba, the Bossa and the Brazilian funk accompanied by an undeniable Boricuan flirt found in the heart of their lyrics. You will feel the heat and the urge to dance to the beat of Brazil funk as soon as they hit the stage.

KARIKATURA was formed abroad and on the principles of travel and storytelling through songwriting. Thought-provoking music that makes you want to dance! Latin rhythms are undeniably present, but they are more so a world indie band, uniting rhythms like the cumbia and Spanish gypsy to the more caribbean sounds of reggae and even ska.

DJ BRYANT K was born and raised in St. Louis, MO, recently spent 3 years between Prague and Berlin, but lives and breathes in New York City. He’s been active on the scene since the mid 90s and is known to be the “downtown swinger.” He was also the first to broadcast East Village Radio on Monday nights from 6-8 PM with a show called B-sides. His eclectic taste is reflected in the various rhythms he mixes – funk, motown, boogaloo, and other heavy Latin beats.

The show is this Thursday, December 6th at 8:00p.m., so make sure you enter quickly because we will be choosing our winner on Thursday morning

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