How the Government Shutdown is Affecting You (and UOENO it)

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For the first time in 17 years, the Government has SHUTDOWN. As in, quite literally, closed up shop. Last time this happened, Bill Clinton and the Republican party were fighting over budget spending (hmm, I sense a pattern here). The result was a total of 28 days of a shutdown and over $400 million in losses. So here we are again. 800,000 government employees have been furloughed (without pay) and if you planned on taking your out-of-town cousins to the Statue of Liberty, well, that’s not happening either.

Here at Remezcla, we’re usually in the business of providing you with guides of cool things you can do around your city. But since Congress decided to take a lil’ break on us, we’re switching things up a little. Below, find a helpful guide to things you CAN’T do in your city because SOME people don’t like to compromise:

1) Eat Organic Chicken

Employees from both the National Organic Standards Program and the Department of Agriculture have been furloughed. That means what you’re eating might be pumped with hormones AND you won’t know what country it’s really from. We hope our usual favorite organic-friendly spots like La Esquina (NY) and Empanadas 5411 (CHI) don’t get hit too hard.

2) Visit Any National Parks (or Smithsonian Museum)

The Statue of Liberty turned away the tired, poor and hungry tourists who tried to visit her. More than 400 national parks and museums closed on Tuesday including all monuments in D.C. as well as the Cesar E. Chavez National Monument in SoCal.

3) Get a 4PM Panda-Cam Pick Me Up

The tragedy.

4) Find Out If We Discovered Extra Terrestrial Life  – Because @MarsCuriosity Has Stopped Tweeting

The hardworking team behind the wildly popular Curiosity Rover Twitter account, along with almost all NASA activities has come to a full stop. How can they stop tweeting when they found water molecules last week?!

5) Also, Your Train Conductor Might Be High

The Department of Transportation has furloughed over 15,000 of their employees and had to cut essential services like facility security inspections, evaluations, inspections as well as employee drug testing. Yikes.