Ice Cream for the Boroughs

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It seems like summer has (finally) arrived.  And what goes best with summer?  ICE CREAM!!!  And while that annoying ice cream truck jingle might be tempting, we’ve discovered something even better for the warm months to come… ice cream for the boroughs!!!  O sea, flavors that reflect your neighborhood and the people who inhabit it.

Are you a WASP living on the Upper East Side?  Rich White Vanilla is for you…

A spicy Latino from the Bronx (grooaaaan, but yeah, this is all about stereotypes… and ok, that’s not what they say literally, but you know they mean it…)?  Try Cha Cha Chocolate.

Staten Island Landfill and Jackson Heights Mangodesh are some of our favorites, but clearly not all the boroughs are covered…

Visit for more info (on the ice cream, where to buy it, etc etc), and let us know what flavor would best match your barrio!