In Colombia, Two Sets of Fraternal Twins Find Out They Were Twinning Wrong

Lead Photo: Stefan Ruiz for the New York Times
Stefan Ruiz for the New York Times
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Being switched at birth is enough of a mindfuck, so the story of two sets of identical twins who were swapped due to a hospital error and ended up being raised as fraternal twins can’t even be expressed through emojis because they don’t go hard enough.

In Colombia, this exact scenario played out with two families, with the truth being revealed thanks to a random chance encounter at a butcher store counter. The New York Times recently profiled the complicated life of four men who discovered they’d been accidentally separated from their identical twin at birth.

chart via the Unz Review
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Read the equal parts sad and intriguing piece on the mixed up brothers of Bogotá here, while I wonder if I am really that much like my family.