In Mexico, Girls Snorting Bumps of Coke Might Be the New Ice Bucket Challenge

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Remember when people around the world joined together to take the ice bucket challenge to raise money for the ALS Association? Well, if Spanish-language publications are right, then rich Mexican girls have turned the concept on its head in the most fucked up way. SDP Noticias reports on “on el reto del pasesito de coca,” in which girls snort bumps of cocaine and then challenge their friends to do the same.

La nueva moda entre las niñas “bien” mexicanas:”Reto del pases…La nueva moda entre las niñas “bien” mexicanas:”Reto del pasesito” de coca: Jóvencitas pertenecientes a la alta sociedad mexicana se divierten con el #retodelpasesito, invitando a sus contactos en Facebook a meterse un “pase” de cocaína y subir el vídeo a la red social.

Posted by Diario el Libertador De México on Sunday, September 20, 2015

The article goes on to call this a new trend, though it may be too soon to tell if it’s 1. actually real, 2. actually a trend, or 3. getting blown out of proportion (pun intended bahhhh). Fusion reports that pasesito videos uploaded to YouTube have been since removed because they violate policy. But they’ve just been replaced by more uploads, and there’s even videos of people spoofing the coke challenge.