In Search of the Coño Tee

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Looking for the most awesomest t-shirt can sometimes be a drag. When you find the PERFECT one the moment can seem to be perpetual bliss.  But what about when you find the perfect tee, only to realize that it is not available in your size or worse… OUT OF STOCK!?!

This is the unfortunate situation I am dealing with in quest of the “Coño t-shirt” in men’s sizes.  For those who don’t get it, it’s a picture of a cone (cono– in spanish) with one of those sexy squiggles on top.  The shirt has different aesthetic spin-offs but at this point, ANY spin will do! has some other pretty cool shirts like “you are the Juan for me” or “Cogelo con take it easy.”  But right now the Coño tee is boss and if anyone out there has seen it, available for purchase, let us at the Remezcla Headquarterz know, por favor?  Coño!