Inútiles Listen Up: Netflix Has Tapped Paquita la Del Barrio for New ‘Narcos’ Promo

Between Xuxa and Soraya promos in recent months, Netflix Latin America has found a way to fold in some of our favorite – or at least the most memed – characters into its promotional material. Just last week, the streaming giant did it again and used Paquita la del Barrio to entice us into watching Narcos. In the very short clip, Paquita walks up to a stage and says, “I dedicate this song to al gordo bigotudo,” before breaking into her classic eff you anthem, “Rata de dos Patas.”

It’s hard to place what’s happening at the beginning. But after she name checks Pablo, rips his poster off the wall and stomps on it, an ominous figure appears. It’s none other than Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, the rival cartel leader who will push the Netflix show forward.

Check out the excellent video above if you want to see Paquita stare down everyone in her vicinity.