Incident That Killed Flow La Movie Finally Has a Possible Cause

Lead Photo: Photo Courtesy of Instagram Flow La Movie
Photo Courtesy of Instagram Flow La Movie
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Investigators have announced their preliminary findings in the cause of the plane crash that killed music producer José Angel Hernández, better known as Flow La Movie.

The producer died on December 15, 2021, with eight other passengers and crew members, including his wife, Debbie Von Marie Jiménez García, their four-year-old son, Jayden Hernández, and Flow’s 13-year-old stepson Jassiel Yabdiel Silva.

According to the Aviation Accident Investigation Commission, the crash was likely to have been caused by a malfunction of the right-wing of the aircraft when it tried to make an emergency landing at Las Americas international airport in Santo Domingo.

Flow and his family were scheduled to fly to Orlando, but when the plane arrived in the Dominican Republic, it was determined that “the spoiler actuators on the right side were going to be changed before the next flight.”

According to the investigation, the maintenance of the plane took three hours. “During that time, the passengers who would travel to Orlando, Florida, were waiting at the airport terminal,” said José Ernesto Marte Piantini, president of the Civil Aviation Board.

Piantini added that “security cameras show movement of the flight controls of both ground spoilers. Only two went up. Those on the left-wing retreated. The three right-wing spoilers stayed extended.”

The plane, which was owned by the Helidosa Aviation Group, crashed into a tree and then into the ground. Investigators said weather conditions that day were “favorable.”

The plane’s black box was recovered at the crash site, but its contents have not been made public because of the ongoing investigation.

Our hopes and prayers to Flow La Movie’s family, friends, and loved ones.