Instagram of the Week: Alonso Mateo

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

Our social media savvy readers may have heard that Instagram launched a new feature this week that will display Instagram profiles — including all the photos a user has posted to Instagram — on Instagram’s website. This means is that anyone, anywhere on the internet can see your Instagram content by going to[yourusername], where they’ll be greeted by a profile layout that resembles Facebook. Unless, that is, you’ve set your profile to private, which is no fun.

Mine, for example, is

In honor of this new feature, which will allow far more people to view Instagram content, Remezcla will be highlighting Instagram accounts of the week – people whose photos are so awesome/weird/hilarious/crazy/cool/etc. that their accounts are a must-follow.

First up: Luisa Fernanda Espinoza (@luisafere)

Who: Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, fashionista Luisa Fernanda Espinoza aka @luisafere recently moved to Laguna, CA where she has amassed nearly 15,000 Instagram followers thanks to the photos of her impeccably styled 4-year old son Alonso Mateo.

Why You Should Follow Her: To see what Alonso Mateo will wear next. If Mirrreybook were personified in the form of a tiny, adorable boy, it would be Alonso Mateo. I am being 100% serious when I say this 4 year-old has better personal style than most of the grown men I’ve met. Is it weird to be obsessed with a child I’ve never met and stalk him on a daily basis on social media? Maybe. Sorry not sorry. Also, Alonso Mateo will probably grow up to be Scott Disick, but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it…

Sample Photos: