Instagram of the Week: Anna Leti Cohen of Instagramers Brasil

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A few weeks ago we introduced you to Mateorito, who documented the diverse beauty of Colombia, and now we go south to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro…


Who: Anna Leticia Cohen is a community manager at Instagramers Brasil, a place where professional and amateur photogs can share photos of their country through their iPhones. Anna is based in Rio de Janeiro, and seems to live at the beach and I can say i’m a little jealous.

Why You Should Follow Her: I don’t think it takes a lot of convincing to look at daily photos of Brazilian beaches, sunsets, and bronzed beauties. She is like a digital tour guide, taking her thousands of followers on epic outdoor adventures in the amazingly diverse terrains of Brazil. Also, the World Cup is coming up in Rio de Janeiro in Summer 2014, and we have a feeling that Anna and fellow Instagramers will be in the middle of it all, sharing the wild experience with the rest of the (very envious) people stuck at home.

Sample Photos:

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