Instagram of the Week: Architectural Photographer Zaruhy Sangochian

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Who ever thought being an Architectural Photographer was a thing? Well, Zaruhy Sangochian does it and she does it well.


Who: Zaruhy Sangochian is a photographer based in Mexico City, who, in her own words, is “obsessed with geometry, symmetry, and concrete.” This compulsion naturally lends itself to her expertise in capturing brilliant shapes and nuances in buildings that are often overlooked.

Why You Should Follow Her: If you’re someone who is slightly OCD or just appreciates the art in every day life this is for you. Also, if you’re a person who reads the blog Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things, and feels a sense of calmness in order (because, yes this is also a thing). Her Instagram is full of beautifully curated landscapes in the city and country that makes you appreciate the people that stop during the busy days and actually look.

Sample Photos:

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