Instagram of the Week: Chicano Soul

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Lowriders are a way of life in SoCal, and Art Meza is showing them off to the rest of the world.


Who: Photographer Art Meza is based in Los Angeles and has a passion for lowriders and his city. He has teamed up with independent publisher Santino Rivera to collaborate on a book about lowriders that will feature his personal photography, along with poetry, short stories, and handwritten essays about the lowrider culture.

Why You Should Follow Him: Whether you’re into lowriders or not, you can always appreciate this culture that runs deep with tradition and pride. Art Meza’s photos showcase cars that are truly mobile works of art, with admirable craftsmanship and detail. He is about to release his book, “Lowriding: Shots, Rides and Stories from the Chicano Soul,” and if you’re in L.A., you can check out the opening of his exhibit at Mi Vida Boutique this Saturday, July 11 to get some prints for yourself.

Sample Photos:

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