Instagram of the Week: Artist Alex Yanes

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Alex Yanes is a Cuban Miami based artist whose edgy and playful work is spreading from the streets of Wynwood to the rest of the country.


Who: Alex Yanes says that growing up in Miami has been his greatest inspiration. His teen years spent in the skating, tattoo, and music cultures influence his art, inspiring the vivid, imaginative works he creates. His art is prominent on the growing Wynwood art scene in Miami, and is slowly spreading across the country,with his new works currently on exhibit at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles until September 30!

Why You Should Follow Him: His creations can be described as whimsical, playful, with a sometimes dark edge. They come alive on acrylic, enamel, and wood to become one-of-a-kind three-dimensional installations, and you can see his process from beginning to end. Sometimes, you just want some beautiful colors and designs to brighten your day, and his cute/slightly odd pieces will do just that. You can also find his designs in collaborations with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Adidas, Red Bull, Disney, Vans and loads more!

Sample Photos:

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