Instagram of the Week: Artist Joseph "Sentrock" Perez

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Joseph “Sentrock” Perez is a Phoenix born, Chicago based graffiti artist.


Who: Sentrock is a Phoenix born, Chicago based artist, whose vibrant, striking style is quickly capturing the eye of art lovers everywhere. He began by working solely with graffiti, but he is evolving into a muralist and gallery artist. If you are in Chicago, you can catch his “Alter Egos” Exhibit at the Elephant Room Gallery before its closing reception on May 17,2013 during the Manifest Art Walk.

Why You Should Follow Him: If you want to be inspired by artworks with personal, vibrant, and positive messages. Through his pieces, full of hand written message and bold textures, he intends to make the viewer reflect on themselves and the creative world around them. His current exhibit “Alter Egos” is just the beginning of this poetic young artist’s career, and you can watch him evolve as his work reflects his passion for studying life, society, and his community.

Sample Photos:

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