Instagram of the Week: Blogger Natalie James

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Natalie James’ blog, NJ in LA, covers her love of fashion, food, travel, and hip hop.


Who: Natalie James is a Mexican-American Los Angeles based blogger, who writes and posts photos of what’s hot on her radar, and after scrolling through her blog and Instagram, we think she knows what’s up. She shares her fly outfits, her extensive travels, and the local food scene – like where to find the best tacos and churros, because that’s all that matters, really.

Why You Should Follow Her: If her fashion and amazing food and travel photos don’t do it, she’s got a a soon-to-be-launched project on the horizon, and it’s called “Eating With Rappers.” And on her Instagram you can already see her hanging with Tyga, Danny Brown, Drake, and Tyler, The Creator, so there’s not doubt this will be something crazy and probably really unexpected.

Sample Photos:

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