Instagram of the Week: Brazilian Photographer Matheus Beltrão

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Twitter: @danieluh

Hmm. Well, he’s cute, he’s Brazilian and he’s a really good photographer so I’m in.


Who: Matheus Beltrao is a film student in Recife, a northeastern coastal city in Brazil.

Why You Should Follow Him: Along with his passion for cinema, Matheus has always been interested in all media and pop culture, and he is now exploring that gift through his photography. I’m always a fan of following photographers from other cities to really get a personal look into others lives, and with Brazil being at the forefront of the world stage this next month with the World Cup, it’ll be fascinating to see how the energy transforms daily life. In his words, “I have always been interested in the way cultural references from all over the world can mesh together to form a collage of something unique. I think that Instagram and other social networks can be tools to help us start revolutions.”

Sample Photos:

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