Instagram of the Week: Brazilian Photojournalist Alice Martins Documenting the World Cup

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Twitter: @danieluh

Take a look at another side of the World Cup.


Who: Alice Martins is a renowned Brazilian photojournalist with special interest in humanitarian crises and armed conflicts. Although she is currently based in the Middle East documenting the ongoing civil war in Syria, she has been back in her home country to be in the middle of the World Cup action.

Why You Should Follow Her: Alice has partnered with TIME Magazine and PHMuseum(you can see more photos here)┬áto curate #teamphotogs, a hashtag you can follow for a group of photographers covering different aspects of the World Cup in Brazil. Although Alice does recognize the social unrest happening in Brazil around this time, her photos take her to favelas to capture the moments that truly show how sport can bring the world together. As she says, despite the protests, “football remains a passion for Brazilians of all social backgrounds.”

Sample Photos:

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