Instagram of the Week: Joia Magazine

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Looking for the coolest arts, design and photography magazine in South America? Look no further than Joia Magazine.


Who: Joia Magazine is an art, design and lifestyle publication based in Santiago, Chile that releases a new issue every 5 months. They are one of the top curators of high quality visual arts and photography in Chile and the whole of South America. For the past five years, they have become the go-to publication for all things cutting edge, hip, and next level so keep an eye out on them!

Why You Should Follow Them: I’ve been informed by our resident Chilean at Remezcla, Cristo , that Joia throws some of the coolest art parties and events in Santiago, featuring a who’s who of the social/art scene. If you are a fan of design and discovering new Latin American and international artists, Joia consistently showcases the freshest subjects, so even by lurking their Instagram feed you can definitely be that person name-dropping at your next super hip party (ain’t no shame in this game.)

Sample Photos:


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