Instagram of the Week: CRAJES

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For this week, we introduce you to the Instagram of CRAJES, two Barcelonian artists creating whimsical, charming, and sometimes mysteriously dark illustrations.


Who: The collective of CRAJES is a mash-up of the names of Carla Rendon and Jessica Ruiz, two up and coming artists from Barcelona. They have been gaining lots of attention in the art world recently for their unique illustrations and murals; most recently, they hand-painted an entire room for an exhibit at El Refugi in Barcelona.

Why You Should Follow Them: CRAJES is unique in their approach to their drawings, often featuring delicate, cartoon-like girls in contrast with darkly weaving backgrounds and surroundings. The duo says they have gotten their inspirations from childhood memories, fairy tales and pop culture. And besides seeing their incredible work, they also show off their blue-green eyed cat Poe, who’s a lot like their paintings – super entrancing, maybe a bit creepy, but still really beautiful.

Sample photos:

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