Instagram of the Week: Drama in Tijuana

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It’s Halloween and we’re feeling moody, dark and mysterious. Drama in Tijuana’s Instagram is giving us all of those things.


Who: We stumbled across Drama in Tijuana‘s blog, and besides having a pretty rad name, we discovered some really interesting photos. They describe themselves as “the digital society pages for emerging Tijuana,” so this is exactly the sort of internet movement that we want to be a part of.

Why You Should Follow Him: FOR THE DRAMA OF IT ALL! Although the blog and Instagram have a limited selection of photos, they are carefully chosen and filtered to stay consistent with their mood. They also seem to be on the inside of the music scene with appearances by witch-house artist Dani Shivers playing the piano, Juan Cirerol on a break while shooting a music video, and intimate shots from Festival NRML in Monterrey.

Sample Photos:

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