Instagram of the Week: Explore the Incredible Landscapes of Peru with IGersPeru

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We have a thing for travel Instagram communities around here because if we can’t dip out of town and book a flight to Machu Picchu right now, we can live vicariously through those that are there.


Who: IGersPeru is the largest community for professional and inspiring photographers to share their work in Peru. To collect and curate their content, iPhone photogs can use hashtags #igersperu, #buenosdiasperu, and the most important , #lahoradelalmuerzo for when the most important time of day rolls around.

Why You Should Follow Them: Their Insta feed has everything we love about South America- the vibrant colors, the warm people, the goodies (alfajores, ceviches, chifa, etc.), and the most majestic landscapes in the world. Peru is one of the most diverse and eclectic countries in Latin America- simultaneously edging toward modernity whilst celebrating and living within one of the most ancient native civilizations in the world.

Sample Photos:


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