Instagram of the Week: Explore The Vibrant Streets of Pasaje Lanín in Buenos Aires

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Twitter: @danieluh

What happens when a photographer armed with an iPhone stumbles across the tiled and painted streets of Pasaje Lanín? A pretty rad Instagram.


Who: Agustín Gotlib is a photographer living in Buenos Aires who has found a passion in roaming through the roads less traveled and uncovering the works of art appearing throughout Buenos Aires and beyond. “I’ve always liked street art because it’s more democratic—it can be appreciated by everyone,” he says.

Why You Should Follow Him: Agustín usually ventures to the neighborhoods of San Telmo, Barracas and Palermo to the street art, and on one occasion walked into Pasaje Lanín in Barracas, whose streets are lined with tiled and painted masterpieces. The works were done by artist Marino Santa María, who first painted his own home, and soon enough his neighbors asked him to hook up their facades as well. The works unified the neighborhood and Agustín captures this notion in all his lively photos of street art, community, travel and beyond.

Sample Photos:

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