Instagram of the Week: Fab Ciraolo Transforms Historical Badasses Into Modern Day Badasses

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When Fab Ciraolo drew Che Guevara as a scruffy, skinny-tie-wearing guy I’d most probably crush on, I knew I found something special…


Who: Fab Ciraolo is a Chilean illustrator who has been exploding onto the art scene with his unique re-imaginings of historical icons. Although described by most as “hipster” makeovers, Fab tell us he didn’t mean them to be hipster at all. He tells me, “I don’t know what a hipster is and really don’t care too much for those labels- I was looking to re-make these characters with rebel looks.” And that he did.

Why You Should Follow Him: If Salvador Dali rocking a Mick Jagger-esque leopard jacket and cut off Vampire Weekend tank isn’t doing it for you, I don’t know what will. His work is vibrant, fresh and nostalgic and Fab is constantly updating his historical repertoire. In the past few months, he’s been traveling in the States with his work, so keep an eye on his Insta to see if he will be in a city near you. And what did he have to say about my suggestion of Selena in a fly muscle tee and snapback? “Can you imagine if I start drawing all the characters that people ask for? I think I could become crazy-or a millionaire maybe!” We are thinking it will definitely be the latter.

Sample Photos:

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