Instagram of the Week: Fashion Designer and Portrait Photographer Fabs Grassi

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Twitter: @danieluh

Beautiful ladies, shadows, and Brazilian street scenes. Who doesn’t love all of those things?


Who: Fabs Grassi is a São Paulo based fashion designer turned photographer, who began with taking vivid street photography around his city and transitioned into taking more intimate portraits.

Why You Should Follow Him: His photos use light beautifully and poignantly, as if he captures a secret that he is letting you in on. And like I mentioned before, everyone can appreciate a pretty girl roaming around a dreamy locale, am I right? Grassi says of his photography,”I try to create an intimate image, something that feels languid and not too sexy. Usually, the woman posing in the photograph greatly influences the final result, so a photo session might start one way and have a surprising outcome.”

Sample Photos:

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