Instagram of the Week: Film Noir Inspired Feed by Photojournalist Richard Koci Hernandez

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Twitter: @danieluh

This guy has a two Pulitzer nominations, one Emmy Award , and a lot of Instagram fans.


Who: Richard Koci Hernandez is a national Emmy award-winning multimedia producer who has worked as a photojournalist and currently teaches at the University of California’s Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. He thought he reached the height of his career- until Instagram changed his life. The quickness of getting “the shot” and sharing it on his feed has given him “access to literally the entire world,” he says.

Why You Should Follow Him: There’s no doubt Hernandez has a beautiful eye, but he can also capture images that share a story immediately. His feed is moody, and full of textures and shadows that turn every day street locales into scenes from a film noir masterpiece.

Sample Photos:

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