Instagram of the Week: Francisco de Pajaro a.k.a Art Is Trash

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Twitter: @danieluh

This guy literally turns another mans trash into treasure.


Who: Francisco de Pajaro (Art is Trash)is a Barcelona-based artist who creates satirical, improvisational work in the streets. He creates elaborate sculptural installations using mostly piles of trash, and his art is often political in nature, but also silly, vibrant and whimsical. I mean, it is trash after all.

Why You Should Follow Him: Francisco is currently in the final stretch of a 3 month residency here in NYC, and he has been documenting his newest works as they pop up. You have no doubt already walked by one of his creations (all over Canal Street or Williamsburg,) or you will very, very soon. He also plans on traveling the world and spreading his message through art, so keep your eyes open!

Sample Photos:

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