Instagram of the Week: Graphic Designer/Illustrator Susana Blasco

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Susana Blasco showcases her unique mixed media collages and photographs, often with unexpected materials.


Who: Susan Blasco is a triple threat: graphic designer, art director and illustrator who is based in London, but works extensively with clients in Spain. She recently had a successful solo exhibition, Collages + Antihéroes, at Belaza Gallery in Bilbao, Spain.

Why You Should Follow Her: Susana has a very distinct eye, and her Instagram is carefully curated to showcase the photos, which were gathered through help of friends from Buenos Aires, Mexico City and NYC. She rarely strays from her antique color palette which adds to the nostalgic mood of her collages. Her feed is striking in the way she fuses the old and new, whether it be seashells on a vintage portrait, or collages of two unsuspecting subjects.

Sample Photos:

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