Instagram of the Week: Relive the Art & Culture Movement in El Barrio with #LosMurosHablanNYC

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Missed out on Los Muros Hablan last week? Search hashtag community #LosMurosHablanNYC to go on a quick tour of what you missed.


Who: We’ve been covering Los Muros Hablan since they landed here from Puerto Rico in El Barrio last week, bringing together muralists and arts of various mediums to celebrate the connection between NYC and PR. The events spanned from August 19 through the 25, showcasing music, artist talks, workshops, and culminating with an epic block party!

Why You Should Follow Them: Because we know that living in NYC gets hectic and cray and you probably didn’t get a chance to see EVERY mural and watch EVERY performance, but now through the power of Instagram, you can. The best thing about hashtags is that you get to view photos and events through many different point of views, and see what others focus on and what moves and inspires people of all sorts of backgrounds.

Sample Photos:

LaLa Chacon preparing to go on stage

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