Instagram of the Week: Hombre Normal

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Instead of showing you new artists, photographers, and various fabulous people of all kinds, we want to introduce you to the Normal Man.


Who: Hombre Normal(Normal Man) is the brainchild of advertising whiz, Sr. Benitez, of Barcelona. He says he found the doll one day and decided that instead of making an extraordinary Instagram account as many people do, he wanted to simply represent the “normal things.” And he obviously only uses the normal filter.

Why You Should Follow Him: Hombre Normal is genius in the depiction of this doll in every day settings and interactions with people, such as when he “runs out of phone battery at the wrong time.”(a.k.a. EVERY TIME) The account is a nice detour from a world where people are always looking for the “coolest” things out there, and lets you laugh and reflect on those normal and common moments that tie us all together, in one way or another. Benitez’s mom also makes Hombre Normal’s little outfits which is really adorable.

Sample Photos:

“It never comes out as good as it did ‘the other day’”

“Hombre Normal takes the typical photo of him holding up the Eiffel Tower.”

“Hombre Normal looks for his ex-girlfriends on Facebook.”

“He suffers with Spain.”

“He also went to Primevera Sound.”


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