Instagram of the Week: Ileana Cabra of Calle 13

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Twitter: @danieluh

Our Instagram of the Week series continues! After bringing you a fashionable toddler and East L.A. photographer, we thought we’d spice it up with a little Calle 13:

Ileana Cabra (@cabralu)

Who: Ileana Cabra (PG-13) doesn’t need too much of an introduction, and Calle 13 is always high on our Remezcla list of favorites. One third of the phenom, Ileana holds her own as the little sister and lead vocalist of one of the most successful and controversial bands out of Puerto Rico (holding the record for most Latin Grammys-19!). Following a beautiful rendition of La Pared” by Roberto Anglero on a Puerto Rican TV special, “Hecho con Sabor a Puerto Rico”, there are rumors that Ileana will be releasing a solo album, and we can’t wait to hear more.

Why You Should Follow Her: If you have a bit of wanderlust and want to follow her, Visitante, and Residente as they’re out on their tours of South America and around the world. Ileana captures great little momentos from her travels to different countries, really making you feel like you’re part of their vagabond caravan. She also takes great behind-the-scenes shots of their shows and other concerts and artists they bump into along their journey.

Sample Photos: