Instagram of the Week: Illustrator and Artist Monica Ramos

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Who: Monica Ramos is a Brooklyn-based illustrator who came to the U.S. from the Philippines when she was 17 years old. She is quickly becoming a prominent name in the art world with her raw talent and airy, whimsical watercolor illustrations and landscapes, which have been featured in David Chang’s Lucky Peach magazine, on Rookie Mag, and in the NY Times. Seriously, they are just so pretty. Check out more of her work on her Tumblr.

Why You Should Follow Her: I always get a tiny bit jealous at people who live in a seemingly Wes Anderson-inspired dream world, with beautifully decorated lofts, fabulous artwork, all while perfectly outfitted in mixed-print outfits and rings. Can you tell I’ve thought about this a lot? Ramos’ Insta is very precisely curated and shows off her works in progress as well as in insight as to how an artist views the in and outs of her new city.

Sample Photos: