Instagram of the Week: Vickipages

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Twitter: @danieluh

While we’re on the cool illustrators tip after featuring the Spanish Joana Santamans last week, we thought we’d show you a local NYC boy doing his thang in the art world :

Victor “Vickipages” Roman (@vickipages)

Who: Vickipages was born and raised in the Lower East Side of NYC , and his work reflects street life and growing up in such a diverse community. An illustrator who works in mixed media and graffiti art, his aesthetic is rich and vibrant, bringing life to a space. At Remezcla, we always want to bring you guys the hottest people and events on the scene, so if you’re in NYC on February 1st, you can catch Vickipages doing one-a-kind live art at our music/art show , ARTEQUE, which will also include Dave Nada, Liliana from Bomba Estereo and loads more!

Why You Should Follow Him: If you want to get a first hand look into street life and art culture in NYC. If there is anything hip happening in the art world anywhere in the city, chances are Vickipages will be there, either hanging out or showing some of his work.You can follow all of his new daily inspirations, projects, and collaborators, and if you’re in NY, you might bump into him yourself. Check out some samples of his Instagram below: