Instagram of the Week: Illustrator/Artist/DJ Marilyn Rondón

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Twitter: @danieluh

Tattooed Venezuelan beauty Marilyn Rondon is an artist, DJ, illustrator, bartender and a little bit of everything in between.


Who: Marilyn Rondón was born in Venezuela, grew up in Miami, moved to NYC and is since back in Miami to focus on her work. She is a self proclaimed “Jill of all trades” and she honestly does a little bit of anything creative under the sun. She has been an illustrator and painter her entire life, and her current projects include publishing three photo zines, writing a memoir and finishing her first children’s book- all while also continuing to be commissioned for large scale paintings and murals.

Why You Should Follow Her: Marilyn’s art work is bold and vibrant, focusing mostly on women and florals. Besides the fact that she’s a super hot, kick ass, confident woman, she is ambitious and has loads of projects underway that she is often posting and updating on. On life, Marilyn says,”BE YOURSELF-Always and forever. I was a tomboy my whole life…I was the definition of an ugly duckling, and I didn’t really care. People will always have something to say, you’re never going to feel attractive enough, and beauty is your mind. It gets you further in life.” We like this girl.

Sample Photos:

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