Instagram of the Week: Instagramers Community Opens Unique Gallery in Wynwood Arts District

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Photo: Instagramers Gallery


We’ve showcased a few photographers from the rapidly growing Instagramers community, which creates communities for countries and cities around the world. We’ve travelled with them to Peru, Brazil and Colombia, and now we go with them to my hometown, the 305, The Magic City. And while they’re there, Instagramers decided to make a home in Wynwood, opening the first Instagram gallery.


Who: Like previous Instagramers communities, IGersMiami is meant to be a place where amateur and professional iPhone-only photographers can share photos of their cities, through the eyes of locals. Not to be biased or anything, but Miami is rapidly growing into a mecca of arts (see Art Basel), culture (Wynwood District), and music(see III Points, ULTRA, etc.) and the next few years will be an exciting time to discover the undercover treasures that Miami has to offer beyond tourists in floral print shirts.

Why You Should Follow Them: Last night, the creators of Instagramers- Spain-based Phil González and Jorge Martínez- opened the first physical Instagram gallery in the world, right in the middle of Wynwood. They desired to make an interactive space where people can upload images and view them without any followers or likes, and simply focus on the photo. The gallery will be focused on IGersMiami photos for the opening, but will expand to the entire world! If you’re an avid user of the app, keep an eye on their Instagramers Photo Prize, where the best submission can win $100,000!

Sample Photos:

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