Instagram of the Week: Internet Artist Jorgelina Torres’ Rainbow-Colored World

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Twitter: @danieluh

When I was alerted about Ms Nina’s instagram, it was like all my 90s dreams/nightmares came true.


Who: Ms. Nina is Jorgelina Andrea Torres, an artist from Argentina, who is the definition of tumblr cholo seapunk personified. She’s gotten loads of fans all over the world from her tumblr,, and just a few scrolls down her Instagram is like a kaleidoscopic acid trip through your Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper. (Side note: those are now being sold on eBay as ‘vintage’ meaning I am a hundred years old.)

Why You Should Follow Her: Is there more reason beyond her edit of cholafied Frida taking a selfie? Yeah, I guess you can say purple-haired young Angelina Jolie, the queen Selena, Gwen Stefani, shrines to Aaliyah, and Marilyn Monroe portraits with Cheetos and a 40. Her pics are dope, unique and kind of weird and that’s all you really need to be anyway.

Sample Photos:

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