Instagram of the Week: Jarina De Marco

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Jarina De Marco is a Brooklyn based Dominican/Brazilian singer who is on a self-professed “mission to conquest.”


Who: We recently posted about Jarina De Marco‘s latest release “Main Dish,” the tropical track perfect for those rooftop summer playlists. Jarina is a Dominican/Brazilian singer who caught the eye of Wyclef Jean of The Fugees, and has since been signed to his All Handz on Deck label.

Why You Should Follow Her: So you can see the journey of a rising star. Jarina shares some of the top moments of her career so far, like recording new tunes, going to some epic events,photo shoots with ridiculously fabulous clothes, and all the goodies that come with being Wyclef’s protege (which is maybe the best place to be). Then again, let’s never forget that the motorcycle pic happened….She’s a passionate and hard working BK girl with some real sabor, and that’s totally admirable.

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