Instagram of the Week: Javier Guillen

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Twitter: @danieluh

Last week we debuted our newest column, in which we highlight some note-worthy Instagrammers. For our first installment, we introduced you to the swagged out toddler, Alonso Mateo. Next up:

Javier Guillen (@goeastlos )

Who: Javier Guillen is a 31 year old East L.A. native, who started taking photos via Instagram to document Boyle Heights/ East L.A. and dispel any negative stereotypes about his neighborhood. What began as a hobby while he was finishing his degree at Cal State Northridge, soon earned him a large following. He has now used his Instagram celebrity to catapult him into a career as a business and social media consultant. Guess dilly dallying on your phone can pay off nowadays!

Why You Should Follow Him: Javier’s Phone lens captures the beauty, sorrow, tradition, joys and everything in between that inspire him within his community – including everyday people, vibrant murals, traditional food, street art, and most recently, incredible photos of the Dia De Los Muertos celebrations in East L.A. His passion to shine positive light on his neighborhood is inspiring. In fact, his Instagram account recently won a web award from LA Weekly!  As he explained to the local publication, “there’s so much history and culture, and so many layers to this community. This is a way to show the world what we’re really all about.” Kind puts those excessive Insta photos of your cat (or brunch, or yourself) in perspective…

Sample Photos: