Instagram of the Week: Jorge Quinteros

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We’ve covered a local East L.A. photographer, Javier Guillen, who used his city and its people as his inspiration and backdrop to all of his work. Now, we want to introduce you to Jorge Quinteros, a graphic designer/photographer based in Brooklyn who captures spectacular, often over-looked sights in NYC through his iPhone lens.


Who: Jorge Quinteros is a graphic designer/photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. After living in El Salvador for 5 years, he became passionate about travel and photography, now using his Instagram as an avenue to explore Brooklyn and other boroughs in NYC. He has an eye to highlight hidden places and textures throughout his expeditions, such as a quaint, rural town in Long Island, New York.

Why You Should Follow Them: For constant inspiration. Whether you’re an amateur photographer, professional, or just love taking Instagrams, Jorge’s passion for photography shines through every picture. He is also very involved in the Instagram community, constantly partaking in hashtag ideas(such as #storyportrait) and sharing his ideas with followers. Just by browsing his feed, you can be exposed to dozens of local Instagrammers and “photo expeditions” that you can join and share with fellow creatives.

Sample photos:

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