Instagram of the Week: KOOL A.D. Makes Marker Art

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Twitter: @danieluh

KOOL A.D. makes cool art.


Who: KOOL A.D. is Victor Vasquez, one half of the now defunct alternative hip hop group, Das Racist. He was one of the geniuses that gave us “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” an ode to one of the most amazing places on Earth, don’t even lie.(that’s my 3:37 a.m. self speaking, forgive me)

Why You Should Follow Him: KOOL A.D. has been busy releasing solo mixtapes the last few years, but he’s also been steadily working on his side art hustle. Just like his music, his art has plenty to say on religion, government, and pop culture, always with a little satire mixed in.

Sample Photos:

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