Instagram of the Week: L.A.-Based Puerto Rican T-Shirt Brand, Apt B Collective

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Who: Kaming Joa Martinez and Coral Margarida are two Puerto Ricans (reppin’ San Juan and Guaynabo, respectively) currently based in Santa Monica, and running their screen-printed T-shirt brand, Apt B Collective, out of their garage. Started in 2013, Martinez decided to combine his love of hand lettering to create a brand that would show off his pride for his home country and those of other Latinos around the world.

Why You Should Follow: Apt B Collective is a home-grown collective made with pure heart and soul. Martinez says, “Our purpose is to produce quality product and have fun in the process. We have spent these last years inventing and we’re super stoked with whatever comes.” The brand is steadily growing, but they still take time now to personalize, craft and ship orders from their home.

The Treehouse Collection is a must have for all the stoners out there who want to wear their Blue Dream pride loud and proud. Martinez says that their main market is Latinos around the world, and their biggest selling prints are: Te Fucking Amo, Tropical, 100 x 35, Chuleria en Pote, Tropical, and Melaza, so I suggest you take advantage and start crossing some names of that Christmas gift list.

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