Instagram of the Week: Laura Ribeiro, Brazilian Model/Blogger Living in Tokyo

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Twitter: @danieluh

Follow the life and times of a Brazilian/English fashion blogger living in Tokyo.


Who: Laura Ribeiro is a Brazilian model from London, who is now living in Tokyo, blogging for Nylon Japan and other fashion blogs, while keeping up her own website. I stumbled across her by following other various neon-haired girls wearing Spice Girls inspired outfits, who are actually living and breathing in my 5th grade dream wardrobes.

Why You Should Follow Her: Besides being “super Kawaii,” which means super cute in Japanese (thanks Gwen), Laura has an amazing sense of style- she mixes a little skater girl style with neo-grunge and athletic sportswear, still looking feminine. Her Instagram and blog are a great look into the lifestyle in Tokyo and how a foreign girl is finding her place within it. Spoiler alert: they really, really love her.

Sample Photos:

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