Instagram of the Week: Li Saumet of Bomba Estéreo

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We love our musical leading ladies around here, and we previously featured Ileana Cabra of Calle 13, and now we’re back with the eclectic , photographic musings of Li Saumet of Bomba Estéreo.


Who: I don’t think we really need to tell you who Li Saumet is. As the funky lead singer of Colombia’s Bomba Estereo, she embodies everything it means to be a rock star. Saumet never shies from her love of Latin American people, Caribbean music and culture, and her and Bomba combine all of this to spread this message through their diverse fusion of electronica, reggae, cumbia and beyond.

Why You Should Follow Her: As Afroxander puts it in his review of Bomba’s recent gig at Panamerika Escenario, Saumet is like the “Colombian Bjork,” which is a notable comparison if I say so myself. Li is colorful, passionate, adventurous, curious, worldly, and all of this shines through her Instagram feed. She has a great photographic eye, capturing her travels, concerts,  friends, and amazing personal style. Not to mention she seems to never be parted from tropical locales fore more than a few weeks at a time.( WHAT A LIFE! )

Sample photos:

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