Instagram of the Week: Mateo Rojas Pérez aka Mateorito – Documenting the Beauty of Colombia

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Mateo Rojas Perez is the manager of an Instagram community that unites people photographing the beautiful sights of Colombia.


Who: Mateo Rojas Pérez , also known as Mateorito, is a film and TV producer based in Colombia. Having a passion for photography, he has also done amateur and professional work, and also currently manages Instagramers Colombia, a community which unites iPhone photographers throughout the entire country to share their work.

Why You Should Follow Him: Mateorito has an obvious passion and pride for his country, and it definitely comes out in all of this photos. His vibrant photos show his travels all over Colombia, from Medellin to Cartagena, exploring the tropical coast to the lives of mountain farmers. Being the manager of the Instagramers Colombia community, he also collaborates with fellow amateur and professional photographers sharing the diverse beauty of Colombia.

Sample Photos:



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