Instagram of the Week: Mauricio de la Garza of Travel Blog ‘Mal de Mar’

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Mauricio de la Garza‘s blog and Instagram is making our wanderlust very hard to control…


Who: Mauricio de la Garza is an Mexico based architect, designer, photographer and general creative jack of all trades who created his blog, Mar de Mar, to merge all of his skills and passions with the art of travel. He is also a contributor to travel blog, AlanXElMundo, by fellow world wanderer Alan Estrada.

Why You Should Follow Him: Well, simply put, he takes beautiful and poignant photos, all through the lens of his iPhone. His images have a certain softness to them, and he captures quiet moments that happen in the midst of the frenzy of travel. If you are a dreamer or ready to get that fresh stamp on your passport, Mal de Mar‘s adventures will inspire you and in his words: “Today, new doors are being opened. And my story is being found.” Let’s find ours!

Sample Photos:

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