Instagram of the Week: Mexican Muralist and Painter Lalo Cota

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In honor of the forthcoming Remezcla Phoenix, we have been discovering some of the people that have been bringing the local arts and culture alive. This week, we highlight the Instagram of Phoenix based muralist, Lalo Cota.


Who: Lalo Cota is a Mexican born surrealist painter who has now spread his art across Phoenix. His vibrant works can be seen all over the streets of Phoenix and at public and private galleries all over the United States and Mexico.

Why You Should Follow Him: Phoenix has a rapidly growing muralist and street art culture, and Lalo Cota is the shining star in the middle of it all. His works are vibrant and smart, paying tribute to the indigenous cultures of his native Mexico and South America. Lalo uses his distinct style to voice his passion for his heritage and highlight current issues that reflect on the Latin community in Phoenix.

Sample Photos:

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