Instagram of the Week: Mextagram

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

Instagram hashtag communities are a beautiful thing. Wanna look at pictures of cats all day? There’s a hashtag for that: #catsofinstagram. Wanna see a bunch of pictures of umbrellas? Hashtag #WHPumbrellas BOOM. Looking for Instagram’s collection of photos of Prince looking sassy? #sassyPrince Wanna see Mexico through the eyes of local photographers? #Mextagram


Who: Mextagram was created to bring together photographers from all over Mexico to share their work and compete in various challenges. Created by photographer Edgar Gonzalez Pichardo, the social app is slowly gaining popularity and recently held its first gathering at the Museo Nacional Del Arte (MUNAL), where people competed in a hashtag contest while in the museum.

Why You Should Follow Them: First off, if you live in Mexico because obviously you can compete and show off your photog skills. But even if you don’t directly participate, you can be a part of a community of inspiring individuals and perhaps come across your new favorite unknown photographer. You can take your own personal tour of Mexico every day through the eyes of locals and see the sights, food, people that are the heart of the country.

Sample photos:

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